Joomla Template Design

Virtually all of the templates we use when developing our business web designs are custom. They are one of a kind, styled to meet our customers needs and desires.

Many Joomla Developers and designers simply use standard out of the box templates. Embarrassing moments abound when you are on the net and come across another website developed on the same template as yours. Not a good way to establish your brand!

Professionaly developed templates are full of functionality and style. But you will never find one that is perfect! That is where we come in. We have many top shelf Joomla Templates that we start with and customize to match the look and feel we want.

Look and feel is one thing, but what if you wanted a module position here, and this one removed? What if you wanted a custom menu structure? On a regular basis we modify and design Joomla templates to accomidate Joomla Web Design customers wants and desires. We have the ability to modify the core code of Joomla templates to suit the needs of our clients.

Joomla Template Design and Modifications Performed On The Same Template

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