Users can edit their own article in joomla website

In my joomla website, users can edit their own article on the frontend due to joomla its own function. (Setting “Allowed” in Edit Own in Article option).

However, I would like to unpublished the article first and send email to admin to review the article again. I don’t know how to tackle this problem. please help


  • Dont give the users publishing rights. Then someone with publishing rights will receive a notification. Once they have approved it it was be published. The only proper with that is if the user saves the article it will disappear until it is published and user cannot access it.

    – Yes, in their first submission, the article will be unpublished until the admin published it. However, when the article has been published and the user edit this article, the article will update online but I want this article unpublished first.

I think your going to have to use an article manager like this to accomplish what you wish:

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