Only 8 Seconds?

8 seconds

– “It’s The First Impression That Will Either Open The Door Or Close It”.

– “First Impression Is Last Impression”.

– “The First Impression Is Always The Best”.

These sayings may be clichés but they are really true when it comes to the appearance of your blog.

Did you know that research conducted by major retail corporations have found that when people arrive at a website or a blog, at least 50% of them will LEAVE that website within 8 seconds?

That means that your blog has to be able to make a great impression on your visitors within 8 seconds, OR THEY’RE GONE!

If you have nothing compelling to grab the visitor’s attention with, he’s gone. And once he’s gone, he’s probably never coming back and never recommending your site to others.

WHY is this happening?

Because people are “surfing the web”. They don’t have enough attention span or patience for badly looking blogs.

A good design is supposed to stop the visitor from “surfing” and get him to INTERACT with your blog – subscribe to your email list, buy your product, or click on an affiliate link.

Captivating your visitors in those first 8 seconds in a way that stops them surfing is CRUCIAL to your success, because once they are gone you’ll more than likely never see them again! (and that’s a fact!).

The philosophy behind my WP blog themes is that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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I really think that making a good first impression is the KEY to any blog’s business success, and that In order for a blog to achieve the desired results (either people subscribing to your newsletter, clicking on your affiliate links or buying your products), a blog needs to have a professional, inviting theme, which will delight the visitors into taking the action you want them to take and have them coming back for more again and again.

What do you think?

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