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9 Steps to Successful Blog Marketing

Why is this important? ▪ It gives constantly updated and fresh content on your site thus bringing in greater organic search traffic. ▪ Blogs are sharable content that can be integrated with social media, creating social signals for your site. ▪ You become an authority in your industry and earn the trust of your site More

5 Steps To Website Design Success

Every website owner wants his website to be useful. No matter if you want to earn money or get your friends jealous about your website – you want it to look fantastic. Design should make the visitor spend a lot of time on your website, memorize it, so that he would want to visit it More

Only 8 Seconds?

– “It’s The First Impression That Will Either Open The Door Or Close It”. – “First Impression Is Last Impression”. – “The First Impression Is Always The Best”. These sayings may be clichés but they are really true when it comes to the appearance of your blog. Did you know that research conducted by major More

What Does Your Blog’s Theme Say About You?

In some ways, blogs are like homes. They represent your outlook, your attitude, your mannerism. Your blog is the virtual representation of your company and your product. It’s your online identity. A good, well designed, easy to navigate and search engine friendly blog will obviously rank high in search engine result page, resulting in more More

Defeating Choice Paralysis in E-commerce

Earlier today I’ve read on the blog of Guide Jansen about a lot of psychological phenonema influencing people on the web. Being a psychologist myself, I became enthousiasted by this and decided to expand the information on one of the topics Guido has covered: Choice Paralysis. Abundance of Choice Choice paralysis can be defined as More

Choosing a Great Product Name

On my way home a couple nights ago, I spotted a gas station with the worst name for a gas station I’d ever seen: Firezone. Seriously, who names their product after the worst possible disaster it could produce? I’d swear their logo actual has a reference to an explosion in it as well. This led More

Responsive Web Design and Mobile First

A common complaint with regards to responsive web design is that all content, scripts, style sheets and images are always (read as: also on mobile devices) loaded. The loading of the resources normally isn’t regarded as a problem (because of the fast broad band connections that are assumed for desktop users). For mobile devices however More