Your Template is Ugly

At some occasions it is better not to speak what’s on your mind. When a colleague (let’s call him John) has discovered that you design templates, might be one of those moments. When John asks you about your opinion on his latest website, you might feel a strong urge to yell out ‘your template is ugly!’. I know it is hard to repress this urge, trust me, I’ve been there. You can thank me later, after you’ve heard John say that the template was designed by the boss’ daughter. Making up excuses for that mistake will probably take you longer than the boss’ daughter spent designing that template in the first place.

Considerations for a site review

To prevent situations like the one described above, several points of consideration will be presented. Using these guidelines you can easily present a professional review of any given website.

Giving feedback

With the guidelines described above you should have a solid basis for feedback on the website. All you’ll need now is a way to present this feedback to your listener.

An important rule is to present one or more points of positive feedback before presenting anything negative. The reason for this is to prevent the person from taking the feedback personal. When he or she hears something positive first, which will make sure the negative feedback won’t cause a “I can’t do anything right”, but rather as “I am good at many things, but this is a point I can improve on”.

Mind yourself to not close with a point of positive feedback though. The reason for this lays in the so called primacy and recency effects. Which state that the first couple of items will be remembered well (primacy) and so will the last couple (recency), but the items in between far less. Considering it is the negative feedback you want to be worked on, it is advised not to close with positive feedback.

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