Web Design

A web design if properly developed must encompass the following:

  • Dynamic Web Design – Business websites must first engage their visitors and hopefully their prospective customers. Research has shown if a website does not engage the visitor with in 6 seconds they move on to the next website. The easiest way to do this in a web design is to clearly display what the website is about and just importantly what the website is offering the visitor. Presenting content on the Internet is different than publishing content in print media. When reading print you are relaxed and are in a position to spend some time reading the content. When viewing content on the Internet visitors are surfing and in a hurry. Your message must be clear and intuitive to reach your audience.
  • Clear Navigation – When designing a new website clear and concise navigation is very important. How many times have we all visited a website and discovered it was hard to find your way around and view the information we were looking for? By developing a very logical form of navigation it is intuitive for visitors to navigate through the website without having to learn how the website works. Just like in a car we all know the gas pedal is on the right hand side, websites should be just as familiar in their navigation.
  • Powerful Design – We are back to the 6 second rule again! A well developed web design should be attractive and represent the industry it is for. What we mean by that is for example you would not want a medical industry website to be flashy and look like a video game website! Business websites generally should be clean and not be so flashy that it distracts form your message and the products or services you are offering. When a visitor opens a business web design it should clearly be apparent what this site is all about as well as what it is offering.
  • Functionality – Joomla has over 6000 extensions including components, modules and plugins. The days of static web designs that are plain wrapper with no functionality is gone. Today we have tons of options for rotating, and sliding content and images to give your website life. Rotators are also a good way to get a lot of information on a web page without making it look like a newspaper. The software that is available for Joomla Web Design is incredible. Joomla makes it very easy to develop life into a web design.
  • Search engine Optimization – When it is all said and your new business web design is complete – and it is not developed with SEO in mind – and does not rank well it is worthless as a Internet Marketing tool. Businesses that want to market their products or services on the Internet must have their website developed with SEO in mind to rank well. If your prospective clients cannot find your website when doing a keyword search for what you offer, then your website is not doing its job and is worthless.