Table-less SEO

Time to make the Donuts! Anyone who was a child in the 80′s remembers that commercial. It’s Iconic branding that in just five words. Well I’d like to bring that phrase to mind here and say, It’s time to clean your website for SEO.

Start by getting rid of stoppers that hamper search engine bot efforts in accessing your wonderful(as long as its non spammy) content.

Removing all table tags, they are generic, and show stoppers for robots. Take them out and organize your tabular data into more expressive tags like <Ol>’s and <Li>’s. Use the <Div> tag to organize the layout of your content and CSS style-sheets for aligning. The idea here is to make your content as open and understandable as possible for robots.

Please take a look at the SEO checklist for insight into the first steps you should take when building a clean SEO friendly website.

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