Seo Checklist

When your ready to launch your site, take a look at this SEO checklist just to make sure your site is kosher for Google, Yahoo, et al.

  1. Doctype Decleration – This will save you many a headache in the long run. If the client is unaware of what version of HTML to run in, you will have serious problems getting your pages to render properly in quirksmode. More than likely you’ll want to declare your pages in doctype XHTML Transitional, this is much the standard declaration across the web.
  2. Properly Wrapped Text – Make sure all your text is wrapped in paragraph tags or lists and avoid using depreciatted elements like the<FONT>.
  3. Creating a Sitemap – A Sitemap for your site can greatly improve your chances of getting picked up and revisited at least once a month by the search engines.
  4. W3C Compliance – Run your site through the W3C Validator, this will insure your site will be consumed in the right way semantically through web browsers.
  5. Submit to Search Engines.

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