Link Building

Do You Want To Dominate Your Industry On The Internet?

Would You Like To Realize More New Customer Contact From Your Website?

A highly optimized web design and participating in a link building campaign is the answer. Just a few years ago a optimized website would rank reasonably well. With the economy the way it is now businesses are becoming more aggressive in their Internet marketing efforts. The Internet has become quite competitive. Businesses are realizing that the Internet is the tool that their prospective customers are using to find the products and services that they need. Link building is what drives a website to the top of the search engines.

Our link building campaigns are highly effective. Why? Because we do not waste efforts on links that are non productive. A balanced variety of in bound links is what we concentrate on. Below we will outline some of the methods we use to develop links into your business website.

Blog Posts- With your help or by using one of our copywriters we develop keyword rich relevant articles to post on blogs worldwide. In these blog posts we create links pointing to relevant pages within your website. For example lets say you have a sporting goods store. We would post articles about sporting goods. In these articles we create links that point to your website that are keyword rich.

Blog Commenting- We search out relevant blogs and post comments on the articles within the blog posts with links pointing to your website. Although not as powerful as links within articles, they are still part of the puzzle and are of great benefit to your site.

Directory Listings – Directory listings are very powerful. We also recommend that you look for directories on your own to put your company website in. Finding directories that accept you website can be difficult. That is a great deal of the work, researching the Internet to find these directories. On average we can develop 2-300 directory listing in a month even in our most cost effective link building campaigns.

Article Publishing- This is one of the most powerful links to gain. We post articles on article publishing websites and create links in those articles and in the author bios pointing to your website. Not only does this create a powerful link but can drive customers to your website as well.

Link building is very time consuming and tedious. This can be very expensive and if using American employees to accomplish this task it would be extremely expensive, possibly out of reach of small to medium companies. We have employees that are highly skilled and have a excellent work ethic to do most of the labor involved in research and developing links. We micro manage these campaigns to ensue quality and timeliness.