SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Commonly Called SEO Is Not One Large Thing

SEO Is A Lot Of Little Things If Performed Properly Add Up To A Website That Rocks!

Domain Name – If you have a choice when purchasing a domain name try to get powerful keywords in it. Many times a business already has a domain name that corresponds with their company name and that is good. There is no law that says your domain name has to be the name of your company. We have found that keywords in your domain name are very powerful for SEO.

Page Titles – It comes from experience that page titles are extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking well for your targeted keyword phrases. There are many Joomla SEO components that tout that they are the best at search engine optimization. These components in our humble opinion are not needed. In fact we do not use a single one of them. Page titles should be unique and relevant to the page content. We keep page titles as short as possible. We like to keep them under 60 characters if possible. Do not over look the power that can be achieved by developing good page titles.

Meta Keywords – Meta Keywords are not used by Google in their algorithm anymore but some of the smaller search engines still use them. When optimizing a website we shoot for Google as they are used by 80%+ of the searches performed world wide. Our experience has shown us that if you rank well in Google, you will do well in the others as well. In any case when developing your keywords and phrases be sure to make them relevant to the page they are on.

H-Tags – Semantic coding is very important to styling the content in your website for the search engines. The H-tags within your website should be used to wave a red flag to get the search engines attention. We style the content for the search engines by using keyword phrases that are relevant to the content in the H-tags. H-tags are available form H-1 to H-6. You should only have one H-1 tag per page. Use the remaining tags where applicable in the content with the smaller tags at the top of content going down the page.

Content – Content is King! Bottom line content with in your website is probably the most important component of search engine optimization in your website. Content is what the search engines are looking for, and the better the content is the better it is for SEO. The content on a page should be relevant to the subject matter of the page. We judiciously use keywords and keyword phrases in our content that we write or SEO. We pay a great deal of attention to the content of a web page. Writing content for a web page when SEO is needed requires a though understanding of the search engines and what they are looking for. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when writing content for a website and it is more than could ever be included in this web page. But rest assured we are very comprehensive when writing or scrutinizing content in a website for clients.

When optimizing a website for SEO there are two main areas that require attention. The semantic coding that is outlined above is called On Page Optimization. It is important but it is only the cake, we still need icing to complete the cake! Off Page Optimization is referred to as any efforts made off page to enhance the relevance of your website for specific keywords and keyword phrases. Specifically Link Building is needed in most areas of commerce on the Internet to enhance the SEO performance of any Joomla Website or otherwise.

Alt Tags Configuring the alt tags in a website to reflect the keyword phrases for the page that they are published on is very important. Although Google and the other smaller search engines cannot read a image –  they can read a Alt Tag that is attached to it. We pay special attention to the alt tags as we have found that with proper configuration in regards to SEO that they have a powerful impact on the Search Engine Optimization.

Link Building – Competition is getting greater by the week to rank well for any keyword phrase and market on the Internet. Link building is the icing on the cake when it comes to ranking well. We highly recomend participating in a link building campaign when optimizing a website.