Same Old SEO Tricks Just Wont Work Anymore

Quite often I’ll visit high ranking websites that are eyesores and dont have much content, the look/feel is outdated and the footer is stuffed with so many keywords that its an obviouse attemp to fool Google. A new client quite often will show me a competitor website thats stuffing keywords and tell me all I have to do is add a list of keyword phrases related to thier business and the site will magically get a Pagerank boost. Its important to realize that this technique is played, it will not work anymore for a new site.

Websites that have been around since the early 00′s began utilizing keyword stuffing techniques when what only mattered was showing up in the top 10 results for a niche. Back then there wasn’t much competition so anyone who’d put a website online could place a headline stuffed with keyword phrases and provide a number or address shortly after that would look like a viable business to Google and receive good PageRank. This time was the equivalent of the stoneage online and shortly after the wild wild west began when people realized that Google was pulling titles and descriptions for indexed sites right from H1′s and META tags.

Ten years later this strategy will do you no good whatsoever, yes there are sites out there that rank highly in Google who are keyword stuffing, but they only do so because they were among the first to get indexed using what was at the time a viable strategy. Only when many more sites started to implement verbose content along with trying to unethically manipulate results did Google begin to ignore the keyword meta tag and out-write ban questionable SEO techniques.

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