Need help. I have Error After Joomla migration





Hey All, Need help
Facing This Error After Joomla migration from Localhost to Online server.

I just update PHP version to Version7, now facing this problem:


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5 thoughts on “Need help. I have Error After Joomla migration

  • Brandon Cross says:

    Go under System, Clear Cache.
    Also, when migrating site from localhost to server, use Akeeba Backup, download your archive, upload to live server, use kickstart to install it, and you should not have these problems.

  • Ariadne Pinheiro says:

    Hmmm. Good. Now, we have admin panel. Try to fix de DB (internal function in this panel)

  • Archy says:

    Sloved: Thanks to Diego Hagopian And Ariadne Pinheiro 🙂