My Joomla site is having an ACL problem

My Joomla site is having an ACL problem. It appears that when a ‘student’ signs in the ‘student menu’ does not appear as it has in the past. I have upgraded to 3.6.5 and this has recently become an issue. The group is called ‘students’ and is a sub-group of ‘Registered’ as it has been for more than 3 years. I am hoping that the latest release is the culprit and any updates will fix it, but those that login to the site will not see the student menu….at least at first. It appears that after closing the browser and reopening that the ‘student menu’ appears, but does not disappear when you logout. I am not sure what is happening and am quite confused as I have gone over and over the settings for the past four hours or more. Thanks, in advance, for any help you can throw my way.

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I would say this is most likely a “cache” issue, lots of code and JS gets updated during upgrades and browsers (especially Chrome) hang on to old cached copies that are not current. Clear browser cache, clear the Joomla! Cache if used and clear any external caching functions such as PageSpped, Varnish X-Cache etc.

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Try to rebuild all menu from backend administrator control panel, just click “rebuild”, I think this came from missing link id from asset table

Problem fixed

Well, it is now ‘fixed’. After having been up until 2 am working on the issue, I found that the ‘caching’ had been enabled….not sure how though. I disable caching again and then went into options in the Login Form. It appears that there are two choices for the way the LOGIN and LOGOUT works. One is to use a ‘MENU’ choice to display a page and the other is to use an ‘internal URL’ to display a page. I had tried both, BUT I failed to ‘manually’ ‘delete’ the one I didn’t want to use in the ‘Menu Item Login or Logout Box’ I had gone back and forth trying each one but ‘FAILED’ to delete the one I didn’t want. To me, it shouldn’t make a difference when you have chosen either ‘MENU’ or ‘URL’ from the box above it, but YOU MUST DELETE the choice from the box THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE. or it will continue to give you an error message and neither selection will work. All is good now but I am going to RECREATE my site using GANTRY 5 FRAMEWORK, which has the additional functionality with ‘particles’, starting with a ‘fresh’ install of JOOMLA 3.6.5.
The current site was upgraded from a JOOMLA 2.5.28 site…..I really don’t like ‘MAJOR’ upgrades too much because I think they leave too much clutter behind.
Thanks for all the help!

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