How To Verify WordPress In Google Webmaster Tools

With today’s evergreen growing efforts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is clear that Google does not tread lightly with those who choose not to abide by their terms and regulations.

SEO is the heart of any website if you have dreams of ever ranking in the SERPs so it is suggested that you take your SEO very seriously.

With that being said, Google Webmaster Tools is the first place you should be visiting before expecting to rank anything anywhere.. In my opinion, verifying your website shows Google that your loyal and that you want good standings with them.

Of course that could be a heep of mumbo gumbo (yum) but hey! Besides my so-called “theory”, these webmaster tools provide you with vital information that can help you structure your SEO plans in the future. Information like your search traffic, index status and the Google bot crawl stats.

I can go and on about this stuff but that’s probably not why your here so let’s get to it!

Step 1 – Verify My Website to the God’s

You’ll want to head to the back office where you can find or set up the site that you want to verify. Google Webmaster Tools Home Page

Step 2 – Copy-eth & Paste-eth

You may have to login to your gmail account if you have not already done so.

Click the website you want to verify.

Should take you to a page where it gives you steps of what to do. It should give you a tab to select Recommended Method or Alternative Method

Click Alternative Method tab 

Click HTML Tag

Copy the “<meta name>”

 Step 3 – WordPress Editor Dressing Room

Head over to your back office in WordPress

Click the Appearance tab

Click on Editor

You should see a screen like this..

 Step 4 – Header For The Goal

Now look to the right of the screen and search for the Template section.

Scroll down until you see Header.php and click it.

Now pay close attention because this is the most important.

Don’t be freighted by all the weird letters and symbols.. that’s just HTML coding or in other words.. the genetic make up of your website.

Anyways, look closely and scroll down until you see <head>

Right under <head> paste your <meta name> code that you copied from the webmaster tools

Step 5 – Good Work Young Grasshopper

After you pasted the meta code, go back to your webmaster tool back office and click verify

That’s it!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. It took me what it seemed like an eternity to figure this out so i figured id help save a soul or two by provided a quick and simple tutorial.

I will also be posting a step by step video version of this if you don’t feel like reading so stay tuned!

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