Does Source Code Ordering Still Matter For SEO?

We have added several features to our templates that help your webpages rank better in the search engines. One of these SEO features is called ‘source ordering’. In the Joomla community this feature is often refered to as ‘2-1-3 source ordering’ where the 2 refers to the center column in a three-column layout, the 1 More

Google Rankings Dropped After Switching to Joomla!?

As I was looking through yesterday’s visitor statistics, I noticed a visitor that used an interesting search query: “lost google rankings when i transfered to joomla“. As a search engine specialist, I know that switching from one CMS (Content Management System) to another is very unlikely to be a stand alone cause for dropped rankings. More

Why PageRank Lost its Value For SEO

As a search engine specialist I spend a quite some time convincing people that the mythical PageRank isn’t as important as it used to be. To make my own life easier (and perhaps yours as well) I’ve collected several articles on the internet that show why PageRank can be pretty much ignored from now on. More

Joomla 1.6 SEO: Recommended Settings

With the release of Joomla 1.6.0, two new SEO options are available in the Global Configuration of the Joomla Administrator. This blog will present a short overview of all the available Joomla 1.6 SEO settings, with recommended values for each of the settings. Search Engine Friendly URLs Description: Select whether or not the URLs are More

Meta Keywords Tag As a Keyword Research Tool

Once upon a time, the meta keywords tag was a great way to improve your ranking for the keywords you desired. You just entered you favorite keywords in it and the site started ranking better for that keyword. As you might have guessed, people soon started abusing the keywords tag. Because of this, most of More

Image SEO

An image as defined by the w3c is an HTML object like an applet or an iframe which means that it is an independent object from the rest of the HTML document. You can wrap an image with an anchor tag or by assigning an image map to it. With an image map you can More

Same Old SEO Tricks Just Wont Work Anymore

Quite often I’ll visit high ranking websites that are eyesores and dont have much content, the look/feel is outdated and the footer is stuffed with so many keywords that its an obviouse attemp to fool Google. A new client quite often will show me a competitor website thats stuffing keywords and tell me all I More

HTML Forms and SEO

Forms are made up of controls such as textboxes, checkboxes, push button, radio buttons, and menus. Assigning pre-defined input to controls like textarea’s and input controls can provide the user with helpful information to glance upon while their filling out your form, but can also greatly improve your forms prospects of getting understood correctly.  A frequently used attribute of sorts in regards to SEO, which More

Table-less SEO

Time to make the Donuts! Anyone who was a child in the 80′s remembers that commercial. It’s Iconic branding that in just five words. Well I’d like to bring that phrase to mind here and say, It’s time to clean your website for SEO. Start by getting rid of stoppers that hamper search engine bot More

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