Brainstorming About a New Joomla Website

At some point in time, your current website just won’t do it anymore. It could be that your Joomla template was released somewhere in the early twenties, or you might still be running some kind of early Joomla 1.0 beta release. In both of these situations, you should be considering something new. But how does one do that? A possible solution is brainstorming.

Rules for effective brainstorming

To make sure the brainstorming session about your new Joomla website will become as efficient as possible, there are some ground rules you should adhere to closely:

Do not criticize: In a brainstorming session ideas are recorded. They will not be evaluated nor criticized. Evaluations of ideas (both positive and negative) are to be preserved until a later phase in the brainstorming session.

Strive for quantity: It is more likely that you will find a great idea in a group of many, than in a group of few. Therefore it is important to remember: the more ideas, the better.

Combine and extend ideas: Even though you are not allowed to criticize an idea, you are encouraged to combine and extend them. Do not hesitate to mention a combination or extension of an idea that was mentioned.

Develop the wildest ideas possible: It is easier to tone an idea down, than to make it wilder. That’s why it is important to think of the wildest possible ideas, so they can be made less extreme in a later phase of the brainstorming session.

Combating idea killers

At some times participants in your meeting are consciously or unconsciously trying to kill an idea before it even had time to surface properly. You will find a suitable reaction to several of the most common idea-killing comments below.

It’ll never work Where do you base that assertion on? Given the arguments I have just mentioned, I am curious why you are thinking that the idea wouldn’t work. Just remember the idea that Google had to build a search engine AltaVista in a market where dominant market leader.

No one would vote for it The fact that you wouldn’t vote for it, doesn’t mean that nobody will. Let’s have a vote anyway to see what everyone thinks.

It’s too complex In the past, several projects were thought to be too complex. Just think of a project like the Joomla CMS. This will certainly have been an enormously complex for the project developers, but they succeeded anyway! Perhaps, you meant it is too complex for the current team? Then we might have to consider attracting new staff or external sources of knowledge.

It’s too simple Sometimes simple solutions are just the best solutions. For example the idea behind iBood is very simple and yet the website is a great success, who says that our simple idea cannot be successful?

It would take too long Where do you base this time limit on? Not every solution can be executed within a few days or weeks. Websites like Facebook and Wikipedia were not developed in five days either. Do you by chance mean that it in your opinion it is not worth the time required?

It’s too expensive Did you mean to say that it is not feasible within the current budget? On what estimates are you basing this claim? Perhaps the idea is so good that outside investors can be attracted, or money can be saved for it so it can be realized somewhere in the future?

What we have is good enough If you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards. The website we have now might be good enough for us at this point in time, but your competitors will not stop evolving, which will leave us eating their dust sooner or later. Just look at Amazon for example, they are making several millions of profit each year, but are still improving their website on a daily basis.

It just doesn’t fit us Why we are brainstorming about a new website when we are not willing to look for new things? This new idea might just be far better for us than what currently fits us.

I would love to hear about additional tips for more effective brainstorming sessions in the comments!

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